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Southland Grain & Seed Ltd

Owner Kevin Kubala By The Grass Plots

Southland Grain & Seed Grass Trials

Here at Southland Grain & Seed we have been trialing over 65 different varieties of ryegrass, to see how they perform on high and low analysis fertilizer plots and the results have been interesting. We have found that just by choosing the right grass type, in the first year alone you can increase your production by up to 40%. Southland Grain & Seed is the first company to trial all varieties of ryegrasses in New Zealand. Trials are done in Southland conditions to ensure that all the grass seeds that go out can handle the tough Southland conditions. In the grass trials you can see the grasses that can and can not handle the pace.

How it works - Every month the Grass plots are cut and weighted then the data is sorted out and organised so that you can see which grasses perform in each month and all year round. The data allows you to see which grasses handle drought conditions and which grasses handle wet conditions.


To Order Grass Seed Mixes Call 03 218 7326

Huge Advancements in FodderBeet Programmes

Southland Grain & Seed has made huge advancements in its Fodderbeet programme with it customers averaging over 20 tonnes in dry matter yields. Why has Fodderbeet been so successful at Southland Grain & Seed? The answer is in its programme which allows the farmer to select a fodderbeet variety that best suits their farm and their conditions. Southland Grain and Seed along with AGPRO NZ has dropped the price of chemicals and designed a chemical programme that allows you to do only one pre spray and one post spray. This programme saves you money and gives better results than any other programme out there.

To order a full fodderbeet programme which includes seed, chemical, programme, advice and follow up click here to order online or contact us to talk.