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Southland Grain & Seed Ltd

Why Us?

Here at Southland Grain & Seed we are here to help the farmer reach maximum production by providing accurate advice on what seeds and chemicals to use on their farm. All our advice is unbiased and done in good faith to our customers. Southland Grain & Seed also specialises in Grain, Fodder Beet and Brassicas.

Who We Are

Southland Grain & Seed specialises in Grass Seed, AgriChemicals, Fodderbeet, Grain And Brassicas. With our experienced and motivated staff we are here to help you maximise your production on your farm. We can give you the best advice and the biggest range of Agri-chemical products and over 65 varieties of ryegrasses. Southland Grain & Seed has more grass seed varieties to choose from, than anyone and we are here to help you get what grasses are best for you.