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Southland Grain & Seed Ltd

Grain/Wholecrop Sprays

Wholecrop Herbicide

Stage 21-25(weeds)

Wholecrop Fungacide

Stage 39  

Comments S.G.S/AGPRO are providing a programme to effectively spray herbicides and fungicides for Southland weeds and fungal diseases

that is most effective at a much reduced price.

Can mix products for example Macdonalds agriferts pasture plus with herbicide at stage 21-25.

Reminder cut crop at cheesy dough stage 7.

CALL 0800 222 119 for more information

Grain Herbicide

Stage 0 Pre-Emerge stage after sowing control grasses semi control chickweed, clovers, shepherds pure, thistles and willow weed.

Stage 21-25 Board spectrum weed control can add Macdonalds agrifert pasture plus.

Stage 32 First Fungicide spray, Eradication (Triazole)+Protection(Chlor) prevent resistance

Stage 51 2ndFungacide spray, Eradication (Triazole)+Protection(Strob) optimum time

CALL 0800 222 119 for more information